Summer 2020

  If you love art, or an artist, Sebastopol is where to be. The Art Trails is a non-profit organization that hosts walking tours through local artists’ home galleries and gardens. If in the downtown Sebastopol area, visit one of the many fine art galleries, cafes or book stores. A visit to the Sebastopol Center for the Arts should be your first stop to get a full list of other artists showcasing their works. Hopmonk Tavern is the place to visit if musical art is your jam. The brews and foods with patio dining at the tavern is also a perfect lunch setting.


​​​​​​​ Sebastopol is known for the Gravenstein apple, a delicious fruit with a sweet center and soft skins. Unbelievably tasty fresh, Gravenstein apple pies, apple butters, and other apple delights can be found on most Sonoma County menus during August. The Apple Blossom Festival and parade is a fun local event. But don’t expect fresh apples then! The parade is every April for almost 75-years.


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